The Truth in A newly Discovered Pigeon Sized Dinosaur

feature-3I have been reading from other sites and news about a fossil of a newly discovered size of a Dinosaur that they claim to have been alive atleast 66 millon years ago and believed to be the origins of pigeons and doves alike. Let Us consider some facts about this discovery…. Read More →

Latest Buzz on Asteroid that Could Hit Us

feature-2They say it is the end of the world, others think that no need to worry because we should be gone by then, or perhaps some possible solutions have already been developed before the said asteroid could even hit us. Are there any changes on the previous news about this issue? Read More →

Top 5 latest Science Discoveries

feature-1While looking through soil specialist they found what appears of being the first new anti-toxin in decades, which could be vital in the battle against the developing issue of anti-microbial resistance. The Astronomers discovered a super massive black hole that is 12 billion times a massive as our sun. Furthermore, scientists mapped the epiphenomenon, the hereditary switches that initiate or mute the distinctive parts of our DNA. We are now in 2015 and many of us have spent the first couple of months of the year avoiding the cold and snow, but science has advanced in the first two months of the in some stunning ways. At Futurism.Co, Alex Klokus made and info graphic that highlights 20 of the most impressive progression and discoveries this year so far. Read More →