With the use of bitcoins becoming wide spread within the past couple years, numerous gambling sites and online casinos have come up so as to cater for people who want to gamble at their comfort and convenience. As a result, gambling has become easy and fun. However, as with all other good ideas, there are people who have taken this opportunity to swindle money from people and there is a reason to be careful. The following is a compilation of some of the best tested genuine sites that give you the thrill and fun you desire without taking advantage of you.

  1. Bit Casino.io

The site provides a direct communication channel to their clients through the social media. It’s also possible to send comments to them through Facebook and Twitter. They also post fresh updates of their games, their newsletters and offer promotions to their follower severe week on social media. They award VIP membership to players, who enjoy the advantage of the VIP shop where they can buy using special points that the acquire while playing. The VIP members are also assigned to managers who assist them with technical problems. Players also receive up to 1 BTC on all their deposits.

  1. Admiral coin.

Admiral coin is a Bitcoin casino that provides the most popular games to the clients and offer bitcoins as the preferred mode of payment, making the payment process easy and convenient without any risks of high fees. They also have an efficient support service that is ready to help all the clients at any given time.

  1. Fortune jack.

The site provides clients with a fair, secure and responsible gambling environment. It is run by a team of experienced members and offer a conducive environment or both pros and beginners. They provide the latest t and the most innovative games and excellent service to all their clients.


  1. 7bitcasino.

This site offers players a chance to try their luck and fortune in playing video slots. Their payment is instant and has numerous payment methods for paying their clients. They have a fast and easy process of gaining the membership account, and the registration process is pretty easy and straight forward. They also have a customer support that is always ready to listen and take care of the needs of the clients.

  1. Betcoin Casino.

This site offers clients with 3D online casino games divided into different categories. They offer bonuses of up to 100% for the first deposit and plenty of other promotions. They offer VIP membership to all members who reach a particular level. These members are also entitled to other rewards. The deposit and withdrawal services are instant. They also provide professional customer service to all the clients who can be contacted either directly or by email.

  1. Birwo.

Birwo provides web based games hence it’s not important to download any client or software. Most of these games are also mobile friendly making it possible to access them via smart phones and tablets. They offer membership to members from all over the globe and support a total of 17 languages.

  1. Bet chain Casino.

This is a new site that has been gaining positive reception amongst its players as it provides an array of gaming platform, instant withdrawal and deposit services and promotions to their clients.

  1. BTC-Casino.io.

This is a bitcoin only gambling site. It provides a broad range of slot games. There’s no limit to how much a client can deposit and the higher the deposits, the greater the chances of hitting the jackpot. It is a new site in the market but is slowly pushing its way in the market.

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